In my world there is no such thing as a “one-plan-fits-all” approach. 

I work with the “Reality Of Your True Self.”
No guilt trips.  No strict rules.  No regulations.

After being involved in the field of nutrition for over ten years, and working with people from around the globe, I realized that I needed to shake things up.  The old traditional ways were not producing the dynamic results I wanted for my clients.

Today, my clinic is thriving and successful because …

I Offer A Flexible Blue Print
To Achieve The Highest Level Of Health
And It’s Designed Just For YOU!

That’s right.  YOU!!  Not your Mom, Hubby, Best Friend or Neighbour.  YOU!!  I honour all of your cravings, emotions, dreams and problems.  Then, together we take each unique thread and weave it into a plan that is totally realistic, exciting and downright fun.


Support Options
Meet Heather

”Heather has made dramatic changes in people’s lives whether as a professional Nutritional Consultant, or as a personal lifestyle / business coach.”
F. Joan MacDonald
P.G.Hom (UK)

"I’ve never felt guilty telling Heather what I REALLY eat for dinner! As a result of her nurturing support, I can now see past potatoes, pasta & chocolate"

”Heather is a gifted & glowing example of what a total ‘body, mind & spirited person should be! Natural health issues are her life. She creates an empathetic, accepting environment. Heather made me feel like I’m an important human being, worthy of total success in all areas of my life."
Donna Smith

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'DIVA' ... a female who is recognized as distinct.
Someone who clearly perceives what can be done to make a difference in your life.